Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Green Face of airport restaurants

The best thing about travel for me is the experience and the people. Its like a tour of the world in a single flight. The cultures, the food, the noise, the lights, the languages, the 'feeling' of oneness - and of course, the travel.
 Shuhbeck/Munich Airport

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The past few years I cannot help notice how people are coping with tons of information thrown at them, mobiles, screens, screaming brands, innumerable choices but one also notices amidst this chaos is the rising need for wellness, quiet, good organic food and something soulful, really meaningful. To 'edit' information is the key and not absorb it all
My last flight, I flew via Munich and was drawn to the new face of restaurants which are greener, more transparent, farm-procured ingredients and the place is more open. No barriers and open walls, is my kind of place. I walked into one of these welcome spaces to block the noise and to blend in. I didn't want the attention or to be served. I would rather 'pluck' my own food and find my quiet corner. The feeling and need for green is not deception, it is the color of perception. The color to make us feel one with nature, the color to calm our exceedingly over-stimulated nerves, the color of fresh food and the color of what we want our surroundings/or the messed-up earth to be. There is an increasing awareness to do the right thing. Go back in time and be a bit more traditional in thinking, but work more modern. One can see this new wave in the changing face of restaurants who are fast embracing this change and sending a message across - we are green too and we are not here to sell it to you.

You buy it if you believe in it.

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